We’ve all probably been apart of a team training session that has consisted of maybe 5 people. Where was everyone? Not at training.

It would have been nice as a coach to know who was expected to attend and maybe, just maybe, training would be rescheduled, or better yet, modified to accommodate the small group that was going to be there. Some surprises are nice, but having only a third of your team show up isn’t one most would choose.

What if you could track the attendance before the training started? Your wish has been granted. With SL Team App, players can record their attendance for each training or game for the season. They also have the option of providing a reason for why they would not be able to attend. Everyone on the team can see who would be going to the event and has the ability to call or email the individual straight from the SL Team App. This is not only great for the coach to connect to the player but for parents that may need to organize a carpool because they can see who will be attending the weekend event.

Take advantage not only of this great feature of SL Team App, but all the features and functionality that this premier management service has to offer.