Introducing SL Top 10! If you think your highlight is awesome, submit a 15 second clip to SL Top 10. Users can upload highlights of their best moves and watch their clips receive likes from everyone in the app. The top 10 clips between all sports will wear the coveted golden badge. Really like a highlight? Save it to My Favorites by using the star icon, and watch it over and over. Collect your top picks!

Everyone has moves to show off, so why not do so in SL Top 10? We’ve created a platform for athletes to share their skills with others. We want this to be a place to not only impress, but learn as well. You can grow from each other and appreciate all athletes and their unique abilities. We have a contest taking place between now and the end of March. The person with the most likes on a highlight submission wins a nice prize of $250! Not too shabby. Go download the app and start submitting highlights now! If you want more information, click here.