Tech in the Sports Arena

The sports industry has most certainly welcomed the use of technology. Data of any kind presents an enticing value for athletes of all levels. The fitness industry has been eating up (no pun intended) fitness tracking capabilities in commercial technology. You probably know someone that has some type of fitness tracker or you maybe even have one yourself. Technology has spurred an active revolution.

Statistics are key for sports. Video, photos and anything that allows for a competitive edge is embraced. Something that creates a social community where people can participate together is what unites everyone in sports. How can we utilize that sense of camaraderie in a mobile app? That’s the fun part.

SL Team App is not only a management app, but is also a social medium for players, parents and coaches to interact within their team. We have some exciting features coming out soon we believe will feed into the way technology is being used in sports, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. Stay on the lookout for what’s to come!

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