Change the way you see the game. A new season is approaching and we caught up with Kim, a proud OCYS mom, manager and SL Team App user to hear about her experience with the app. Check out what she had to say!

How do you feel about SL Team App? I love it! I’m so glad I’m using it this season; it’s been a huge help!

How has SL Team App helped you as a team manager? It keeps me organized. I can always update games, make last minute changes, track payments as they come in, etc.

How has the app assisted you or your coach in communicating information to the players and parents? I do all my communicating through SL Team App. It’s so easy and quick to send an email or text message to the team or individuals. I love the Team Chat feature!

What sets SL Team App apart? The interface is awesome. The dashboard is visually appealing and interactive, giving you an overview of your upcoming events. You can share photos and submit a photo of the day for everyone on the app to see also. Personally I like everything about the app!! That’s why I’m still using it!

Any additional thoughts? The support is the best- if I have any questions, I call the office and they’re always there to help me.

Check out SL Team App today and see what it can do for you. Kim and her team think it’s pretty awesome, and we hope you do too.