Life Hacks for the Sports Parent

When the weekend hits, it’s go time. You know you have to get everyone to the game on time, pack the snacks, check the uniforms, figure out where you’re going, mare sure the phone’s charged to take video and always remember to pack the chair so you can sit back and enjoy the game! Here are some tips to help make the outing run a little smoother.

1.Check the weather.

You arrive to the field and boom…rain. And you’re not covered. It’s going to be a wet ride home. Check the weather before leaving so you can be prepared for whatever mother nature has to offer. Have the ponchos, umbrellas and towels for the car ride home. Also, pack some plastic bags to put any soggy items in to save everyone from the smell that may come from it.

2. Be organized with the car

Having an organization game plan can save time and money. If you have more than one super star with you, keeping everyone’s equipment where it needs to be is key. Also, we all know things go “missing.” Prevent the search party from showing up and give each child their own basket in the car to put their belongings in. Keep it organized, my friends.

3. Shower Caddy Food Tray

This may seem like an odd one, but it makes a world of difference. Children can make a mess even without realizing it. Whether it’s the snack before or the refuel meal after, try using a shower caddy to keep all their food and drinks secure. Cut down on the car cleaning with this trick.

4. Wait to talk about the game — this is the most important one to remember

After a game, the car ride has been identified as one of the moments a child can dread the most. The first thing to say to your athlete regardless of the outcome should be, I love to watch you play. Parent first, coach second.  I’m sure you can relive an experience as an adult being confined to a car subjected to someone’s opinion for a lengthy time…trapped.Wait to talk about the game until a couple days after. Allow everyone time to settle, and analysis can come later after you’ve removed yourself from the situation. Enjoy the moment you get to spend with your child and let them enjoy the fact that you get to watch them play.

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