It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Change the way you see the game with SL Live – live streaming video and statistics!

We’ve been working hard to provide an experience like no other. The reality is, as parents, there will be times where we can’t make it to our children’s games. Sports Logic wanted to find a solution to this problem. Now, catch the game wherever you are with our live streaming feature built straight into SL Team App. And for coaches, track the key plays of the game with a few simple touches on our sleek interface. Our patented technology creates a 10 second highlight clip automatically when a live stream is going on and a predetermined stat is recorded at the same time. You can also tag a play during a live stream and create a highlight clip right on the spot.

Players, we didn’t forget about you. We know you can’t watch yourself when you’re making the big plays, but now you can easily review all the footage after the game. Watch post match film and create your own highlight clips to share with others. It easy peasy to tag a video and create a 10 second clip of your sweet moves. Make as many as you like and scroll through the highlight section to watch all the clips from the team.

SL Live is available now on the recently released version of the SL Team App for iPhone – (Android coming soon). We are currently in beta mode so that means a FREE trial for you! Go ahead, download SL Team App and checkout SL Live. Let us know what you think!

Here are a few key points of what you’ll find on the newly released app.

– SL Live allows you to never miss a game again. Broadcast live streaming video and catch a game from anywhere.

– Keep track of game stats and share them real time with everyone to see. Easily associate stats to players on the roster and avoid manual entry.

– Statistics available for soccer, basketball and hockey. More sports to follow!

– Tag the video with stats and create your own highlight clips to share.

– Freshly updated and organized Menu Bar.

– Updates to Roster – in the Add Existing tab, select multiple players at once.

– New interface for the Message Center.

– Bug fixes and improvements.

Have feedback? We’d love to hear it! Reach out to