Head Injury Risk Quiz Thank You 2017-06-09T21:03:20+00:00

Thank you for completing the Head Injury Risk Quiz!  Please check your email for your results.

If your child scored 1-3 points:

Your child’s risk of a head injury is low. There’s always the risk of injury during sports play, but as long as you and your child take necessary precautions the risk is low for any serious head trauma.

If your child scored 4-7 points:

Risk for head injury is medium. There’s always the chance for injury while playing sports. Make sure your child knows how to protect their head during sports play, and know what to do if they are ever injured.

If your child scored 8-10 points:

Your child is at a high risk for a head injury. Make sure to take necessary precautions to keep them safe, and educate yourself on what to do if they ever sustain a blow to the head. Head injuries are very serious and can leave permanent damage, especially on young athletes.