The Harsh Truth Sport Parents Need to Realize to Keep Themselves, and Their Kids, Sane

Is your calendar covered in a hectic scrawl, or color coded to help you keep track of every practice and game? Does your car feel more like an Uber? How many dinners have been a hot dog from the concession stand? Is it all about your child’s sport all day, every day? You may be a proud sports parent, but everyone has a breaking point when it comes to over scheduling. So, what can you do? Well, as a parent with a school mascot bumper sticker, team t-shirt, car full of sports equipment, and a large supply of oranges, this may be hard for you to hear . . . but you need to chill out.



Even if you only have one kid in a single sport, it can take up your entire evening and weekend with games and practices. When you’re spending all your free time on your children’s after school projects, it’s time to make some cuts. Yes, extracurriculars are important, but you know what else is important? Family dinners, date nights, family activities. Chauffeuring your kids to a game isn’t exactly quality time.


Talk to your family about where cuts need to be made, if there are sports they can drop, games you don’t personally have to attend, carpools to join. You want to feel like the perfect parent, but sometimes there’s no such thing as perfect, and what’s more important is doing things for yourself and your family as a whole.



Sometimes you just need some organization to make things a little easier. Tools like SL Team App are ideal for parents and coaches. You can use your phone to keep track of schedules and easily access everything you need to know in one place. There’s also a messaging system – great for staying in touch with the coach and talking to other parents to organize carpooling, or you can see about bringing snacks. Another nice feature is that there are weather updates to go with your schedule, so if you see it may be raining at your away game, you can reach out to your coach to make sure the game is still on. You can even upload videos to share with others or even watch a live stream of the game if you can’t make it.


There are always options for keeping track of your kids and still having time for yourself. Communicate, organize, and stay updated all in one place with  SL Team App.



Realize that it’s okay to let some things go. If you’re overwhelmed with everything, maybe it’s time to let your kids take the wheel. Have them keep track of a schedule, organize, pack their equipment, and overall take responsibility for their own activities.

Also, realize that it’s good for kids to try other things, and not have their entire world focused on a single activity. Realize that your home doesn’t have to be a boot camp, that your weekends don’t have to be a tournament and nothing else. Find that BALANCE that will bring tranquility to your life and your child’s life. Even professional athletes get time off. Giving yourself and your kids breaks and off-seasons will prevent burnout and overuse injuries.

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