Hey Coaches, Here Are 5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Players

Coaches, are you having trouble with certain players? You know the ones - the kids that pick flowers in the outfield, struggle with drills, always seem to be a step behind the other players. For some kids, athletics come easily, but others have a harder struggle. Sure, you can ignore these players or keep them on [...]

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Life Hacks for the Sports Parent

When the weekend hits, it's go time. You know you have to get everyone to the game on time, pack the snacks, check the uniforms, figure out where you're going, make sure the phone's charged to take video and always remember to pack the chair so you can sit back and enjoy the game! Here are [...]

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Help Guides Online

Check out Sports Logic’s new site and see the power of SL Team App. If you’ve already downloaded the app, fantastic. If you haven’t, go to the website for more information and hop on the train. Once you download your new best friend, if you need help getting started, catch the tutorial videos here to [...]

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Map it. Track it.

You can take a wrong turn quickly. We understand. That’s why we make sure you’re prepared with driving directions to the field. SL Team App provides step-by-step directions and allows you to open up the location in either your phone's map application or Waze. Use voice navigation and avoid getting lost. We also know weather [...]

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Who is going to be there?

We’ve all probably been apart of a team training session that has consisted of maybe 5 people. Where was everyone? Not at training. It would have been nice as a coach to know who was expected to attend and maybe, just maybe, training would be rescheduled, or better yet, modified to accommodate the small group [...]

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