Hey Coaches, Here Are 5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Players

Coaches, are you having trouble with certain players? You know the ones - the kids that pick flowers in the outfield, struggle with drills, always seem to be a step behind the other players. For some kids, athletics come easily, but others have a harder struggle. Sure, you can ignore these players or keep them on [...]

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SL Top 10!

Introducing SL Top 10! If you think your highlight is awesome, submit a 15 second clip to SL Top 10. Users can upload highlights of their best moves and watch their clips receive likes from everyone in the app. The top 10 clips between all sports will wear the coveted golden badge. Really like a [...]

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Common Stresses of Sports Parents

Three common stresses of sports parents. 1. Being there on time. 2. Making sure they know what uniform their kid should wear. 3. Missing one of their child’s games. SL Team App can help. Being there on time: There are multiple factors that can initiate this stressor. 1.) Not knowing what time the game or [...]

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COPA America

Some of the world's best are coming to town! COPA America is celebrating 100 years this summer, making it the oldest international continental soccer competition. Prepare to see Messi, Chicharito, James and other stars play the beautiful game this June. The USA should be honored as this is the first time in its 100-year history [...]

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Join the Team!

We are proud to announce our new partners! Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association: “The SL Team App offers a unique opportunity to enhance our competitions through technology. The ability for our members and their supporters to be engaged in WYSA competitions in person or from afar is unmatched.” Melissa Zielinksi, Executive Director California Youth Soccer Association [...]

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Tech in the Sports Arena

The sports industry has most certainly welcomed the use of technology. Data of any kind presents an enticing value for athletes of all levels. The fitness industry has been eating up (no pun intended) fitness tracking capabilities in commercial technology. You probably know someone that has some type of fitness tracker or you maybe even [...]

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Map it. Track it.

You can take a wrong turn quickly. We understand. That’s why we make sure you’re prepared with driving directions to the field. SL Team App provides step-by-step directions and allows you to open up the location in either your phone's map application or Waze. Use voice navigation and avoid getting lost. We also know weather [...]

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