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A Youth Coach’s Ultimate Guide for Recognizing and Treating a Head Injury

A head injury is a serious incident that needs to be handled quickly and calmly. Too many young athletes are injured during play and go untreated, causing real, long-term harm. For coaches, and parents, this is the ultimate guide to recognizing a head injury, and treating it appropriately. Introduction “During a high school field hockey [...]

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The Harsh Truth Sport Parents Need to Realize to Keep Themselves, and Their Kids, Sane

Is your calendar covered in a hectic scrawl, or color coded to help you keep track of every practice and game? Does your car feel more like an Uber? How many dinners have been a hot dog from the concession stand? Is it all about your child’s sport all day, every day? You may be [...]

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Hey Coaches, Here Are 5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Players

Coaches, are you having trouble with certain players? You know the ones - the kids that pick flowers in the outfield, struggle with drills, always seem to be a step behind the other players. For some kids, athletics come easily, but others have a harder struggle. Sure, you can ignore these players or keep them on [...]

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Life Hacks for the Sports Parent

When the weekend hits, it's go time. You know you have to get everyone to the game on time, pack the snacks, check the uniforms, figure out where you're going, make sure the phone's charged to take video and always remember to pack the chair so you can sit back and enjoy the game! Here are [...]

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SL Top 10!

Introducing SL Top 10! If you think your highlight is awesome, submit a 15 second clip to SL Top 10. Users can upload highlights of their best moves and watch their clips receive likes from everyone in the app. The top 10 clips between all sports will wear the coveted golden badge. Really like a [...]

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Introducing SL Live!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Change the way you see the game with SL Live – live streaming video and statistics! We've been working hard to provide an experience like no other. The reality is, as parents, there will be times where we can't make it to our children's games. Sports Logic wanted [...]

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Common Stresses of Sports Parents

Three common stresses of sports parents. 1. Being there on time. 2. Making sure they know what uniform their kid should wear. 3. Missing one of their child’s games. SL Team App can help. Being there on time: There are multiple factors that can initiate this stressor. 1.) Not knowing what time the game or [...]

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